Feb. 9, 2017

The appetizer before the entrée

The Adventures of Doc Daye-Death Means Little-Book One by Tommy Hancock (Kindle® Edition)

I have waited a long time t read of the third hero of Sovereign City! I have thrilled to all the adventures of Barry Reece’s Lazarus Gray and Derrick Fergusson’s Fortune McCall. Yet I have wondered when we were going to get anything about Doctor Tempus Daye…

Doc Daye is finally here in this tasty tidbit, likely chapter one of an on-going story. (Fingers crossed!) To say that the death of a wealthy man in Doc Daye’s building Daye Tower in Sovereign City is macabre is an understatement! Doc’s front man Tommy Pariah and his “secretary” Malcolm “Peaches” McCoy are both ready to spring into action.

There are things I read that made little sense to me until I went Here

This is something I recommend to people reading Doc Daye for the first time. It will enhance the reading pleasure.

I will give this short foray into Doc Daye’s adventures five stars in anticipation of more to come. Don’t let me down Tommy!

Quoth the Raven…

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