Mar. 3, 2017

Mr. Sidney Grice, personal detective, and his goddaughter March Middleton are perhaps the oddest pai

The Secrets of Gaslight Lane by MRC Kasasian

My thanks to my contacts at Pegasus Books, Iris Blasi, Katie McGuire, and Maia Larson, for my advance reading copy of this book! Rock on!

There has been a horrible murder in Gaslight Lane, at the grand house named Gethsemane.  The master of the house, Nathan Morlock, has been slaughtered in his sleep in a room locked from the inside. Oddly enough, there was a previous slaughter in that biblically titled manor.

In September of 1872, the Garstag household, owners of Gethsemane House, was slaughtered in the night. Nancy Seagrove, housekeeper; Kate Webb, kitchen maid; Brian Watts, footman; Lionel Engra, Godson; and Holford and Augusta Garstag made up the household, along with Nathan Morlock, nephew.

Nathan Morlock survived the slaughter due to being locked in jail at the time. Since Spanish maid Angelina Innocenti was discovered standing over one of the bodies, she was charged with the murders. At the time of this story she has been in Broadmoor, and considered insane. Now Nathan Morlock has been murdered in the same manner as the Garstag Household—death by sharp instrument, stabbing and slashing...a

I thoroughly enjoyed this fourth addition to the Gower Street Detective series! Grice is as crotchety as ever, Molly the maid as dimwitted, Cook still unable to produce decent food, and March Middleton still the free-spirited rebel. The pace may be a bit slow, but it gives the reader time to take it all in. The final revel is classic, and I am certain mystery lovers will approve!

I give the book five stars! The book will be available April 4, 2017!

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