Jun. 29, 2017

Lord Greystoke speaks to the House of Lords…

Tarzan Trilogy by Thomas Zachek


This book falls within the Wild Adventures of Tarzan/Edgar Rice Burroughs series. The book consists of three loosely linked novellas. The links are there but very subtle. This means that they read well as a series but also as individual tales of Tarzan. That fact is IMHO brilliant!

1936: Tarzan and the Fountain of Youthbegins the book with a bang! Tarzan meets a friend for a drink at a London pub. George Fredrickson wants Tarzan to return to Africa. Fredrickson’s son Jack is out of touch, being in Africa with a Botanist named Professor Alistair Winslow. Fredrickson wants Tarzan to find Jack before it’s too late.

Winslow is working for a man named Peter DeKelm, a representative for Consolidated Pharmaceutical. They are looking to find the secret of why certain African tribes seem to live longer than other people. They are determined to get what they want and no one better stand in their way…

1937: Tarzan and the Cross of Vengeanceis the story of a man named Maximilian who has a beef to pick with Tarzan. Thanks to a PI named Raymond Wilson, Maximilian now knows that Tarzan is actually John Clayton, Lord Greystoke!

Add in a Missionary lady who is determined to convert the native tribes in the vicinity of Tarzan’s African home and you get a blast of action, intrigue, and mystery. Maximilian wants revenge, yet Tarzan does not have any clue as to why…

1938: Tarzan the Conqueror” brings the Nazis to Tarzan’s neighborhood. Tarzan has argued in the House of Lords that the Nazis’ presence in Africa, their enslavement of native tribes, and flat out murders should be a priority for Great Britain. The other members point out that the Government is in the midst of negotiations with Germany, and is loath to anger Hitler. It is only natives, and they should fend for themselves.

Tarzan is not one to stand by and let his friends be slaughtered by the Third Reich. He will go to war with the German Occupation of Africa even if he has to do it alone!

All three stories could have been written by Burroughs himself! The tone, the atmosphere, the characters and relationships with the natives ring as if Thomas Zachek were channeling Burroughs’ spirit! Bravo! Well done! Encore!

I give each individual story and the volume as a whole five stars plus!

Quoth the Raven…

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