Jul. 13, 2017

Haunting or Hoax—you decide!

My Name Is Gef by Charlie Revelle-Smith

In the 1930’s on the Isle of Man in an isolated farmhouse owned by the Irving family, an incident occurred that would go down in history as Gef the Talking Mongoose or The Dalby Spook. While mongooses are not native to the Isle of Man, they had been imported as living rabbit population controllers.

The mysterious Gef began in the farmhouse as a series of scratching noises before Gef began to speak to the Irvings, especially 13-year-old Voirrey Irving, the couple’s daughter. The mongoose described himself as an “extra clever mongoose.” He seemed to be able to vanish and appear at will. At times his voice would be mocking and he claimed to know a hell of a lot.

In this telling of the events, Gef eventually tells Voirrey he is really a dying man in India. As time progresses, he states that his human body is dead, and the mongoose body is soon to die as well. The book ends with the mongoose being sent out to sea aboard Jim Irving’s prized toy boat.

Various paranormal experts such as Harry Price investigated. The general consensus was that the voice effects and other evidence of Gef were created by Voirrey Irving with collusion from her parents. That is the conclusion of this book as well.

Yet as late as 1970 Voirrey still was adamant that Gef was real. The Irvings moved to the mainland and Gef did not follow. Intriguing enough, in 1947 the new owner of the farm killed a small weasel-like animal that he could not identify. Voirrey denied that this was the famous Gef.

I give the book two stars as it is a novelty, but I cannot see how people took this seriously enough to become part of paranormal history...

Quoth the Raven…

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