Jul. 25, 2017

A truly marvelous final novel partially written by ERB!

Tarzan: The Lost Adventure by Edgar Rice Burroughs and Joe R Lansdale

When Edgar Rice Burroughs passed away he left an eighty-three page typed manuscript; a final story about his hero Tarzan of the Apes. The manuscript was not titled and in all actuality little more than an idea and notes. Many people wanted to have the honor of completing Burrough’s newly discovered manuscript. In the end, writer Joe R Lansdale was selected for the role.

The story originally appeared in a four part faux pulp magazine published by Dark Horse Comics. I also have a copy of the mass market paperback that was published later. This beautiful hardback copy of that story was published in 1995. It features a very pulp-like front cover and is illustrated throughout with art from the original Dark Horse Comic version.

It is my opinion that the prose flows very much like ERB’s novels and short stories featuring Tarzan. I could easily see this as being completely written by the creator of Tarzan. I have found this to be a great pleasure to read!

Tarzan runs into an explorer and his daughter who are in search of the lost city of Ur. Four deserters from the French Foreign Legion are also in the area and have stolen the pair’s entire safari. Meanwhile, the second half of the team has become lost while trying to rejoin the exploration.

The action is fast and furious as the bad guys are defeated once only to regroup and take over again. There is a terrific storm that rips through the jungle, tearing trees up by the roots and further confusing the matter. There are a thousand and one dangers to be faced, overcome, and traded for new problems.

Eventually, all parties are reunited in the lost city of Ur, some as prisoners, some having wandered there, and a few by following an ancient map. The city is ruled by a mad king who keeps lions as pets and practices human sacrifices to the evil God of Ur. The god of Ur is a horror known as Epoba, The Stick That Walks!

Such masterful writing has to be acknowledged, and I give the book five stars!

Quoth the Raven…

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