Jul. 30, 2017

Two Sherlock Holmeses?

The Counterfeit Detective by Stuart Douglas

The year is 1899. Holmes has more or less been working for Mycroft since his return from “The Great Hiatus.” Then a mysterious letter arrives at 221B. The writer mentions that Holmes had taken a case for his uncle and then proceeds to shock Holmes and Watson with his next words.

It seems that there is at present in New York City a man calling himself Sherlock Holmes! The man is calling himself a consulting detective and has been involved in a series of more or less high profile cases!

However, some of the results have been a bit questionable. Holmes is angry enough that someone has the gall to pretend to be him! To sully Holmes’ name with less than stellar work is something Holmes simply cannot bear!

Holmes and Watson, therefore, embark on a voyage to New York. Holmes plans to hunt down his doppelganger and put an end to this once and for all. Along with faithful Watson, Holmes will have the aid of Inspector Simeon Bullock of New York’s finest.

The trail leads into very dangerous areas of the city. More than once Holmes and Watson are in fear for their lives. A collection of murders, threats, and other crimes seem to follow the faker like seagulls behind a barge.

Who is this intrepid imposter?

I give the book four stars…

Quoth the Raven…

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