Aug. 30, 2017

Off to China!

Sherlock Holmes and the Nine Dragon Sigil by Tim Symonds

Doctor Watson called to China!

My thanks go out to Steve and Timi at MX Publishing for my copy of this book.

Tim Symonds writes about a specific time in the history of Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson. All of his novels take place after Holmes has retired to keep bees and Watson is still seeing a few patients. Most of the time I have found these books to be extremely interesting. This one has been an exception to the rule…

Doctor Watson is given orders to go to China to help set up medical teams with China’s army. His contact is General Yuàn. Watson has to go overland to China and there is no way to really protect him along the way. Except that Holmes is also involved…

I just couldn’t get into this one. I have tried and failed to finish the book on at least six occasions. I will read maybe twenty pages and then sigh and put the book down. It makes no sense to me because I know that Tim is a great writer. I have had the pleasure of reading several of his books and enjoyed them very much.

I will give the book three stars based on Tim Symonds’ usual writing ability. I cannot give any more stars because I just cannot get into this book. Sorry, Tim, what can I say?

Quoth the Raven…

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