Sep. 17, 2017

Jules de Grandin, part One!

The Horror on the Links: The Complete Tales of Jules de Grandin, Volume One by Seabury Quinn

Doctor of the occult, the bizarre, and the outré…

This beautiful book contains 22 stories of Dr. Jules de Grandin, published in Weird Tales Magazine from 1925-1928. It is volume one in a series that promises to reprint all of the tales Seabury Quinn wrote featuring the little blonde Frenchman with his vast knowledge and experience with the unknown.

Jules de Grandin resides for the most part with his friend and biographer Dr. Samuel Trowbridge in Harrisonville, New Jersey. Dr. Trowbridge and Grandin travel widely, and some of their adventures occur in other countries.

Across these 22 stories our heroic duo battles demons, ghosts, vampires, and such creatures. There is almost always a lovely woman who is in danger of losing both body and soul.

Jules de Grandin, much like Sherlock Holmes, has supreme faith in his own abilities and knowledge. He comes across as pompous and self-promoting. He has little use for those who cannot see what he sees. He is often short with Dr. Trowbridge to the point of insult, as Holmes was with Dr. Watson. In the end, he will always return to his friendship with Trowbridge and give an explanation of his thought process and how he succeeded in saving the day.

In these first 22 stories, I give Best in Book 🤪 to “The Gods of East and West.” The story I liked the least 😥 was “The Dead Hand.”

Fans of Holmes, Carnacki the Ghost Finder, John the Balladeer, John Thunstone, etc should be able to enjoy these tales with much delight! I give the volume five stars plus!

Quoth the Raven…

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