Sep. 18, 2017

This patriotic bombshell lives again!

Liberty Girl: Fight for Freedom by Lisa M Collins, Lou Mougin, and Richard C White

The woman known as Liberty Girl was famous during the days of World War II. Her fight for justice took her to the front lines of battle. Then she disappeared in 1956 in a freak temporal storm, only to reappear in 2006. She wasn’t aged by time and still at the top of her game.

She has Psycho-Organic power that she can use to fly, have super strength, and become nigh invulnerable. It is simply a matter of what she chooses to concentrate on for the moment. She is super fast, but she has a way of avoiding a sonic boom.

This trio of stories is the second prose book to star our bronze skinned heroine from yesterday!

We start the book with Lisa M Collins’ “The Children of Santa Ana.” Children are going missing in the area of Santa Ana de Velasco. There seems to be a connection to Bolivia. Against the American Embassy’s wishes, Liberty Girl goes to Bolivia to face a strange woman known as Azul Bruja.

The next story is “Mark of the Mark” by Lou Mougin. This story gets the title of “Best in Book! 🤪” from me!

Liberty Girl’s Godmother Patricia, (perhaps the cousin of a certain bronze-skinned hero!) is working as a Government Agent. It is Halloween of 1952. The United States will be testing a hydrogen bomb very soon.

Patricia has been kidnapped, and when Liberty Girl investigates she is trapped by a science she finds hard to believe. When she awakes, she discovers that more of that strange science is keeping her restrained. Patricia is there bound to a chair.

A man who calls himself “The Mark” has them trapped. He has sinister plans, and on his forehead is what he calls “The Mark of Cain…”

The final story in the book is Richard C White’s “War Stories.” Bill Whitehill was a Navaho Code Talker during World War II. Now as an old man, he is in the hospital, dying. He tells stories of Liberty Girl to the children at the hospital. Liberty Girl is still around to help the elderly hero.

I give the book a solid five stars!

Quoth the Raven…

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