Sep. 21, 2017

Assistance Unlimited Rides Again!

The Adventures of Lazarus Gray Volume 7 by Barry Reese

Perhaps I should give a SPOILERS WARNING here, as I have rewritten this review multiple times, but may still reveal too much for some readers.

The tale begins with archeologist/adventurer Sheridan Masters and his lover Carmen at the ancient city of Hamunaptra. They have come looking for “the yellow sign” and a book of ancient lore. When the city collapses around then, Master finds himself with the book and a doorway for escape. When he emerges, the stars are all wrong…

The book is a solid addition to the Lazarus Gray collection. New enemies and old combine to bring Gray to a place he never thought he would ever be. Hastur, or the King, in Yellow is one of the Great Old Ones of The Lovecraft Mythos. The Elder Gods are dangerous beyond Gray’s usual occult powered foes.

This doesn’t mean that none of Gray’s former opponents appear in the story. To make the tale even more devilish, Princess Femi and her disciple Madison Montgomery are deeply involved. So is newcomer El Demonio, whose henchmen use Mexican “sugar skulls” to terrify a man they will later kidnap.

Before the action is over some will be captured, people will die, and Gray will find himself beyond the earthly veil—in Dread Carcosa, a forbidden land of fear! When the members of Assistance Unlimited, along with Eidolon, Abby Winters, and the Black Terror go, head to head with eldritch beings, someone is bound to be badly injured or killed—or worse…

Barry Reese cleverly mixes horror, adventure, and above all pulp into a tasty treat for his adoring fans! Add a touch of romance as the seasoning and the tale becomes a perfect example of Reese’s art! I doubt that any fan of pure pulp fiction will be unable to resist reading it all in one sitting! I will say this; you won’t leave the table without hungering for more!

I give this book five stars plus!

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