Sep. 27, 2017

The second book in this spooky new series!

The Lovecraft Squad: Waiting created by Stephen Jones

My thanks to my contacts at Pegasus Books, Iris Blasi, Katie McGuire, and Maia Larson, for my advance reading copy of this book! Rock on!

The Lovecraft Squad, AKA The Human Protection League, is a division of the FBI specially created to deal with Cthulhu Mythos matters. This book lists more files in the ongoing battle against ancient evil!

This book is a collection of 12 short stories that could be read as a novel if one ignores the many different points of view that change from story to story. Some of the tales are obviously interlinked, while others could easily be stand-alone episodes.

I think this series shows a lot of promise! I loved the first book, All Hallows Horror, and this volume certainly doesn’t disappoint! The reader who is a fan of Lovecraft will find many familiar names and places. Randolph Carter should be very familiar. Locales such as Innsmouth, Arkham, Miskatonic University, The Witch House, etc. should also be familiar.

Each author leaves an individual mark on this unique Mythos


•         “Prologue: Howard’s Way” by Angela Slatter is a great way to open the book. It introduces HP Lovecraft in case the reader is unfamiliar with this Mythos and sets up the stories to follow.

•         “Shadows over Innsmouth” by Brian Hodge could have been written by Lovecraft himself. It is the story of the Government crackdown on Innsmouth mentioned by Lovecraft in Shadow over Innsmouth.

•         “Ec-‘Hi-Pi-El” by Reggie Oliver is a tale of intrigue as J Edgar Hoover becomes aware of the Lovecraft Mythos and begins to formulate a plan to deal with the horrors of the Great Old Ones…

•         “The Armies of the Night” by Reggie Oliver is Lovecraft Mythos meets Organized Crime. Agent Brady of the HPL is trying to suppress an outbreak of Deep Ones. In the process, he turns warring Crime Lords into allies against the Armies of the Night.

•         “The Olde Fellows” by Michael Marshall Smith is more intrigue by Agent Brady. An agent is authorized to investigate the Olde Fellows, a cult of Great Old Ones' worshippers. The Empire Strikes Back comes to mind when reading this story!

•         “Randolph Carter: Secret Agent” by Stephen Rasnic Tem expands on the story of Carter, now working for the HPL, or is he?

•         “The Stuff that Dreams Are Made of” by Peter Atkins is a tale featuring a mysterious man who crosses paths with the Olde Fellows and features a statue made of a strange stone. The statue has a large pair of wings…

•         “The Junior G-Men Verses the Whisperers in the Dark” by Richard Gavin wins “Best In Book! 🤪” from me. The Mayor of the small town of Mitford has worked with a shady outfit called Health and Home, installing bomb shelters in everyone’s home. They are interconnected by tunnels. A group of kids who call themselves “The Junior G-Men” become involved when an HPL agent comes to town to investigate the Witch House…

•         “At the Hills of Hollywood ” by Jay Russell gets “Worst In Book” from me. It reads like the locker room whispers of hormonally charged teenagers.

•         “Arkham House on Haunted Hill” by Thana Niveau is a classic case of investigation into paranormal activity. A brother and sister pair of Paranormal Investigators, a Psychic Medium, and a confirmed skeptic are hired to investigate the old Iverson House by the owner, Arthur Leland…

•         “The Color OutinSpace” by Stephen Baxter takes the Lovecraft Mythos back to space! Gemini pilot Magnolia Jones is asked to fly a secret mission to Space Station Zarya. The space missions take place long before any recorded space flights. An Agent Peabody is carrying a package from Dr. Gardner, a descendant of Nahum Gardner who was present when the 1882 incident took place.

•         “The Shadow Across 110th Street” by Kim Newman is the epilogue of the book and takes place in a burial vault.


I give the book five stars plus! Hopefully, many more volumes are in the works.

Quoth the Raven…

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