Sep. 29, 2017

The Consulting Detective Series Marches On!

Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective 9 by IA Watson and Fred Adams Jr.

This is volume nine in the ongoing series by Airship 27. There are five short stories in the book. All are very well written!

“The Adventure of the Failing Light” by IA Watson opens the book with a bang! This is the true story of the missing lighthouse keepers on Eilean Mor, off the coast of northwestern Scotland. The keepers were discovered missing without a trace in December 1900. The Flannan Isles Lighthouse had been inoperative for some time, endangering ships. The only permanent residents of Eilean Mor were sheep. This is what may have happened if Sherlock Holmes had been consulted.

“The Adventure of the Three-Strand Garrote” by Fred Adams, Jr deals with Holmes investigating a series of murders. Wiggins brings the case to Holmes because his Uncle and his Uncle’s friend, both wounded veterans of the Afghan War, are suspected in the deaths…

This story is runner-up and honorable mention, as far as I am concerned!

“The Betrayal” by Erick Franklin finds a friend of Watson, a fellow veteran of the Afghan War and also wounded at Maiwand, accused of murder. Watson’s gut feeling tells him that his friend is innocent. Holmes’ investigation has the suspicion of guilt being a probability of guilt. The two friends clash, neither backing down.

“The Adventure of the Picked Pocket” by Fred Adams, Jr deals with a problem most unusual. A man has evidence of a crime lost from his possession when a pick-pocket decides on him for a victim! Two crimes, one victim, and a deadly ending make for naming the story second runner-up!

“The Adventure of the Brazilian Beetle” by Aaron Smith takes “Best in Book!” from me. An artist makes a chance acquaintance of a young Brazilian woman in Highgate Cemetery. The woman has agreed to pose for the artist but fails to keep the appointment. While attempting to find her, he discovers a carved silver beetle she wore as a brooch lying in the street. He could have never suspected what the investigation would ultimately uncover!

The book is a fine addition to this wonderful series! I give it five stars plus!

Quoth the Raven…