Jan. 2, 2018

Sidney Grice is back and as curmudgeonly as ever!

Dark Dawn over Steep House: The Gower Street Detective: Book 5 by MRC Kasasian

My thanks to my contacts at Pegasus Books, Iris Blasi, Katie McGuire, and Maia Larson, for my review copy of this book. You ladies rock!

Possible spoilers are ahead, although I will not give away any real secrets.

March meets some new friends, including wealthy Lucy Bocking and her companion Freda “Freddy” Wilde. Freddy was trapped in a fire when she and Lucy were children. She wears a veil to cover her destroyed features.

Lucy is assaulted and raped in an opium den which she visited on a lark with Freddy. Another woman who was assaulted in the same way, Albertoria Wright, has apparently committed suicide. A third, Geraldine Hockaday, has been left in a state of fear and depression. Her brother Peter is actively seeking her attacker…

Lucy has come to Gower Street to hire Grice to find her attacker. Albertoria’s parents come seeking their daughter whom they do not know is dead. March plots to set traps for the rapist, using the opium den as a meeting place and her as the bait. Other friends of March, Lucy, and Freddy are also determined to get this rapist.

Mr. Kasasian is a great teller of tales! The story weaves back and forth in such a manner that every time the reader begins to suspect he is weaving a sweater, it may turn out just to be a scarf! That is the mark of a truly wonderful mystery—keep the reader guessing until the source of the magic is finally revealed.

I must have decided at least four times that I knew where the story was going only to find that I was mistaken. I have enjoyed all five books in the Gower Street Detective series and I sincerely hope there are more on the way!

I give the book five stars without hesitation! An excellent read!

Quoth the Raven…

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