Feb. 13, 2018

The Robin Hood in the Argus Glass helmet!

The Complete Adventures of the Moon Man Volume 7 by Frederick C Davis

This is volume 7 of the Complete Adventures of the Moon Man. The Moon Man, in reality, Detective Steve Thatcher, first appeared in Ten Detectives Magazine, June 1933. He stole from the rich who were involved in crooked politics, landowners who cheated their tenants, and racketeers in Great City. Every dime he took was distributed to impoverished families by his associate Ned “Angel” Dargan. Dargan and Thatcher’s fiancé Sue McEwen are the only two that know his secret.

At police headquarters, his father is the Chief of Police. Sue’s father, Gil McEwen is hellbent on taking the Moon Man down. He is joined by perhaps a more fanatical policeman in Detective Mark Keanan. Where McEwen is simply motivated by the law, Keanan isn’t above framing the Moon Man for more crimes.

This has been about the best volume of the Moon Man. All of the stories in this book are really good! Let’s look at the stories:

In “Preview to Murder,” a nasty trio is blackmailing Steve Thatcher with a film that catches both Steve and Sue in compromising circumstances!

In “Ghoul’s Carnival,” Angel is taken by the police, then seized by crooks, then apparently killed in a gunfight… BEST IN BOOK!

In “Skeleton Snare,” the Moon Man is expertly framed for murder        

In “Murder for Pastime,” a crook tails Angel then captures Sue. He will turn her over to the police as the “Moon Man’s Woman” unless the Moon Man pays a very high ransom. McEwen thinks The Moon Man is a policeman when he finds blood on the Moon Man’s costume—when has been locked in the safe at HQ! And this time, Steve Thatcher knows he didn’t take it…

In “Blackjack Jury,” Police Chief Thatcher is threatened with dismissal. The Chief goes on his own hunt for the Moon Man to prove he still has it…

And here the stories from the old magazines end. The Moon Man has appeared in at least one cameo, this one coming in the Peregrine stories by Barry Reese. Hopefully, more stories are yet to come!

I give this final volume of the Complete Adventures of the Moon Man five stars!

Quoth the Raven…

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