Mar. 13, 2018

This book could be the sequel to one of the originals--guess which!

Doc Savage: Mr. Calamity by Will Murray writing as Kenneth Robeson

The long-awaited new novel, with the addition of a second!

Mr. Calamity was announced last year and has finally been released! This latest addition to the adventures of Clark Savage, Jr. is a tale highly to be honored and a must read for all fans of the Man of Bronze!

As Mr. Calamity opens, Long Tom Roberts has inherited a small ranch in the badlands of Wyoming. Deciding it is the perfect remote location for his electrical experiments; Long Tom moves in and hires a foreman named Laramie. Not that a foreman is needed since the ranch has only one cow!

Pat Savage shows up at Long Tom’s door which doesn’t exactly make his day. Pat wants to use the ranch as a base for her prospecting. Long Tom is edgy, but he allows Pat her way.

There is a gang operating in the area that is stealing mules. The problem has reached a breaking point, and Long Tom and Pat find themselves nearly lynched, shot at, and even kidnapped. Pat even finds time to be placed in jail!

Pat watches in horror as a man is spotted swimming in midair near the stratosphere! His desperate moves are similar to a man trying not to drown! When his body eventually crashes back to earth, it is accompanied by a deluge of water—from a cloudless sky. He is very, very dead…

Then there is the strange man hanging around the area. Dressed in a laughable green jacket, he calls himself Mr. Calamity. When he fires a shot from his ancient shotgun all hell breaks loose. Something has been discovered and death is a long tip of falling up…

I found this book incredible! Will always puts so much action and adventure into his novels, and this one is no exception. He has woven together so many villains who might be behind the Mr. Calamity crimes that discovering the truth is a real joy!

One thing I love about Will’s Doc Savage novels is his detail in research concerning the locale where the adventure takes place. For example, in this novel, there is mention of coal seams burning out of control. They are really there in the badlands of Wyoming.

To Will personally, I got a kick when Long Tom grabs the medical kit for Doc Savage and the kit contains Mercurochrome! I used to look like an ad for the stuff all summer back in the late 60’s!

The Valley of Eternity

Anyone familiar with Doc Savage’s backstory will recall how his father had him raised by teams of scientists and instructors. Even Doc has stated that he didn’t have much in the way of a childhood. He had very few friends. He was also totally ignorant of women. He has very few contacts in the original pulp magazines. When he does have to interact with the female of the species, to call him awkward is putting it mildly…

Then on Doc’s birthday, his father’s lawyer shows up with a letter. It seems that the elder Savage isn’t finished trying to interfere in Doc’s life. The letter tells Doc it is time to marry!

Both novels were terrific! I give them both five stars plus!

Quoth the Raven…

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