Mar. 31, 2018

The steampunk hero known as The Ghost goes to London!

Ghosts of Empire by George Mann

Gabriel Cross is back in this rock-rolling 4th installment of his adventures! Dressed in a trench coat, fedora, and cape, armed with a flechette gun, night-vision goggles, and rocket boosters, our hero is in London. He has come t help an old friend and to let his lady friend Ginny Gray recover from their last adventure.

In this particular steampunk world, the Queen of England is named Alberta. Russia is under the rule of the Tsarina Romanov. A fanatical group of Russian mystics is causing havoc in the streets. Founded by the mad monk Rasputin, they are masters of a dark elemental magic. They have a hidden headquarters in an abandoned underground station, but due to their dark magic, they could be anywhere…

There exists in England an avatar of protection known as the Albion. A creature born of the soil of Britain and powered by a hard-to-explain force that awakens the creature when evil threatens the Empire. But it hasn’t appeared yet…

The Ghost and Ginny Gray, his lady-friend empowered by the spirit of Sekhmet and in control of ghostly lions; join a small band of persons to fight against the Koschies, as the Russian mystics are called. They are much like the fabled Hydra because every time a victory is scored it seems more take their place.

The climax of the raging battle is well worth the read. The characters are solid and the story is action-packed. The Kochies have an endgame to rule all endgames. The question is how many of our heroes will survive the carnage.

I give the book five stars!

Quoth the Raven…

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