Mar. 31, 2018

A president armed with a Glock…

Winter Warning by Jerome Charyn

My thanks go out to my contacts at Pegasus Books, Iris Blasi, Katie McGuire, and Maia Larson, for my copy of this book! Rock on!

Isaac Sidel is currently POTUS. He comes from the rough streets of New York where he served as Police Commissioner and later Mayor. He has a smashmouth way of dealing with problems, and he intends to continue this as leader of the United States.

But the Democrats want him reigned in, and all efforts to make the improvements that he wants end in sabotage by Ramona Dazzle, his unwanted Chief-of-Staff, and his vice-president Bull Latham. Ramona and Isaac are having a physical struggle in her office, an office more opulent than the Oval Office, mind you, which is witnessed by Bull. Isaac will be forced to resign as President to make way for a President the DNC can control…

I must say that I found the book to be difficult to read. The author drones on through many long paragraphs that are broken up by insufficient periods of conversation. It seems to me that Charyn is more concerned with background items than the interaction of his characters. Isaac Sidel is a great character, and I note that this is the 12th novel in this series, so Sidel must have a strong fanbase. It just doesn’t speak to me at all.

In Charyn’s introduction, he mentions that in this novel he isn’t providing a bible, unlike the ones that have gone before. Perhaps that is the reason that this novel seems so lifeless. A new reader like myself is lost in Sidel’s world that has been built over 11 previous volumes. New readers are thrown into the deep end of the pool and expected to swim or die.

And in this case, I drowned in the deep end. All efforts to finish the book, even by jumping ahead chapters didn’t have the holding ability I needed. I read half the book and jumped ahead closer to the end to no avail. For me this book is incomprehensible. Sorry.

I only give this book one star, and that is because, with 11 previous novels, the character has to have appeal to quite a lot of readers. Unfortunately, I am not one of those readers.

Quoth the Raven…

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