Apr. 15, 2018

The Continuing Saga!

 Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective Volume 10 by IA Watson et al

Four more great stories by the usual suspects!

This ongoing series seems to be extremely popular with readers! The volumes always contain the best in Airship 27 Hangers’ rotation of mystery writers! There are four exciting stories in this volume. I will be very careful so as to not ruin reading for future readers:

“The Affair of the Norwegian Sigerson” is a prime example of the quality of stories Airship 27 selects for these volumes! It takes place during the Great Hiatus and is told on two fronts in alternating chapters. Watson reports on matters in London after the fall of Moriarty. A special friend is aiding Holmes in Montenegro, while Moran is trying to kill him…

This story is told in IA Watson’s signature style. There are many footnotes, making this not only an excellent Holmes adventure but a more scholarly work as well. I think this one has to have the honor of “Best in Book!”

The other three stories are much shorter, proving that quality in prose is far more important than mere quantity. Aaron Smith is the author of two of these stories.

“The Problem of the Unearned Beard” is Smith’s first story in this volume. The survivors of a fierce battle in India find someone is crashing their reunion meetings. The man even has the gall to wear their style of beard, worn in honor of their service and their fallen comrades!

Greg Hatcher wrote the next story, “The Adventure of the Irregular’s Innocence.” Wiggins has been charged with murder! Kudos for the surprise reveal. I thought it a very nice touch!

Aaron Smith is back for the final story in this volume. “The Problem of the Theatrical Thefts” finds Holmes consulted by Lestrade. Rich Londoners are having their homes burgled while they are out for the evening attending various theaters…

This is a fine volume in this delightful series! I give it a solid five stars!

Quoth the Raven…

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