May. 1, 2018

Some clients cannot wait for Watson to get around to recording the Case!

Beyond Watson: A Sherlock Holmes Anthology of Stories NOT Told by Dr. John H. Watson 

My thanks go out to Derrick Belanger of Belanger Books for my copy of this book. I do apologize for being so long in writing this review. God bless.

In the Sherlock Holmes canon, there are only three stories that are not written by Doctor Watson. One is told by Holmes himself, and the others are told in the third person.

Of course in the vast multitude of pastiche stories, many are told in the third-person or narrated by someone other than Watson. This book is a collection of a dozen tales told by clients, irregulars, Mrs. Hudson and so on. I will only touch briefly on each story, and award what I believe is “Best in Book.”

•         In “Mrs. Hudson’s Lodger” by Geri Schear, Mrs. Hudson recounts how she came to be Holmes and Watson’s landlady…

•         “The Tarleton Affair” by David Ruffle is told in first-person by Holmes himself, with a brief aside in the words of his client…

•         “The Mortal Condition” by Marcia Wilson is an unsung commentary on a stakeout featuring Holmes, Watson, and Lestrade…

•         “Some Notes upon the Matter of John Douglas” by David Marcum explores further the novel “The Valley of Fear.” The story is narrated in altering statements by Colonel Moran and Doctor Watson…

•         “The Curse of Cairgannham” by Don Everett Smith is an excellent mystery involving dying apple trees and a masked man known as the Master! Kudos for such a magnificent character! I give this story “Best in Book!”

•         “The Tiger’s Master” by Luke Benjamine Kuhns is narrated by Violet Thane, nee Hunter, a former client from “The Adventure of the Copper Beeches.”

•         “Kidnapped” by Elizabeth Varadan by Miss Imogene, whose mother was a former client of Sherlock Holmes. The story is also narrated by Mrs. Parker, a servant at Imogene's home. Kudos for “The Walrus Detective Agency!”

•         “The Adventure of the White Cedar Hotel” by Kieran Lyne is told by

Mr. Percival Tremayne who works for the titular establishment, which is very strange indeed!

•         “In the Midday Sun” by Daniel D. Victor is related by Billy the Page Boy, AKA Ramon Chandler. Billy meets a little tramp…

•         “A Lesson in Mercy” by Richard Paolinelli is told by none other than Sir Winston Churchill!!

•         “The Last Equation” by Jack McDevitt is told by Henry Mencken. What if Moriarty had a rival for criminal mastermind?

•         “Yes, Virginia, There is a Sherlock Holmes” by Derrick Belanger rounds out the book with a bang! Told from the viewpoint of New York postman Bert Provencher, the story ends with a twist that is genius! I must give this one runner-up for “Best in Book.” I can almost guarantee you won’t see the ending coming!

This book is a treasure for any Holmes aficionado! I give the book five stars plus!

Quoth the Raven…

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