Jun. 16, 2018

The undead avenger at his deadly best!

Brother Bones: City of Lost Souls by Ron Fortier

The world of Ron Fortier’s Brother Bones is unabashedly smashmouth noir pulp! To emulate Luke Skywalker when C-3PO asked him what planet he was on: If there is a utopian city where even the poorer areas are well kept and lighted and crime is rather light and violent crime rare, Cape Noire is very far from it! Crime doesn’t just exist in this port town, it teems and thrives! Gunshots are commonplace, murder almost a daily occurrence, and gangs that peddle drugs, prostitution, gambling and vice of every color pretty much run the place.

It takes an unusual hero to deal with Cape Noire—and Brother Bones is that hero! He was once Tommy Bonello, one of a set of twin thugs that worked and murdered for then Mob-Boss Topper Wyld. On a paid rub-out, Tommy Bonella murdered a young girl forced into prostitution. She thanked him with her dying breath.

Tommy changed after that, living as a monk. Shot dead by his own twin, Tommy finds himself reincarnated in his brother’s dead body, his own having been cremated. He is guided by the spirit of the young girl. A candle in his room lights, she appears, and Brother Bones has a new target for the shiny, powerful automatics he uses with deadly force.

This latest book has short pieces that would likely make great extended stories and one long story that is painted with Captain Ron’s usual bold colors. Fans will be glad to know that old enemies and friends inhabit these pages. Foes like Alexis Wyld, daughter of the late Mob Boss Topper Wyld and Harry Beest, gang leader now in the body of a gorilla thanks to Professor Bugosi share page space with pulp villain Doctor Satan and his two weird henchmen. Friends like Bones’ driver Blackjack Bobby Crandall and his girlfriend Paula Wozcheski, now known as Sister Blood, a vampiress still back up the big guy in the white skull mask!

I think I will not give very many hints about the stories. But my dear Captain I loved the incident with the cigarette lighter and the rejuvenation cycle of our bone-chilling hero! Bravo and encore!

I give the book five stars plus! They keep getting better and better and this may be the best one yet!

Quoth the Raven…

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