Jun. 17, 2018

Hall hammers another huge hit!

The Rediscovered Cases of Sherlock Holmes Volume Four The Phantom Killer by Arthur Hall

My thanks go out to Steve and Time at MX Books for the many books including this one.

Some people write versions of Sherlock Holmes that stray a long ways from the way his creator, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle pictured him. It is a little bit like calling God and wanting to remake man in some differing form. Thankfully, Arthur Hall remains very faithful to the canon! The Holmes that appear in his novels and short stories has habits and mannerisms that need to be part of any pastiche.

One note, this story is only 92 pages. Perhaps bundling it with volume three might be something to think about. It is quality writing that makes a book or short story worth reading, however! Wading through 300 plus pages of a book that has, to paraphrase Patrick F MacManus “ say whether the toast was burnt, on which side it was burnt, and the degree of the burns” is hard! A well-written one is good no matter the length.

A lady with reservations about her own conduct, a persistent silver-tongued stalker, and a fiancé arrested for murder is quite an intro for this tale! Once more Hall gives the reader believable bad guys, solid motives and methods, and understandable reasoning to solve the vague clues in the story.

Often Holmes must deal with the dregs of society or haughty nobility who present themselves as if announced by angels. What would happen if the one were to hide behind the other?

I really liked this book and I will grant it five stars!

Quoth the Raven…

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