Aug. 3, 2018

Two more great Shadow Novels from the past!

The Shadow 38 Dead Men Live and Dictator of Crime by Maxwell Grant

I am going to assume that anyone that is likely to read this review knows the Shadow’s back-story. The really great think about the Shadow novels is that the back-story isn’t repeated over and over ad infinitum throughout the series, unlike other pulp heroes.

To make it short the Shadow is a man of mystery. He is always garbed in flowing black cape and slouch hat, only his burning eyes and beak-like nose visible. He is the Master of Darkness, able to camouflage himself in the shadows so as to be virtually invisible. He is also a Master of Disguise, which is why fans of the radio show rather than the pulps will be surprised at his identity. You see Lamont Cranston is the Shadow, but the Shadow is not Lamont Cranston!

The true name of the Shadow is not revealed until issue 131 The Shadow Unmasks. And yet at times, even this identity is questionable. Perhaps the Shadow, like the Joker, prefers his life to be multiple choice!

As for these stories:

Dead Men Live, novel number 18 was originally published on November 15, 1932.

People are disappearing at sea, found in the ashes of a laboratory, or burned up in a house fire. Death has stretched out a bony hand and wiped them out. And yet someone is using their inventions, spending their money, and exploiting their good name. The crooks have the authority to do this legally and cannot be touched. The Shadow knows the answer—somehow dead men live…

I liked the fact that this features Shadow operative, Cliff Marsland. Behind Harry Vincent, Marsland is a favorite of mine!

Dictator of Crime, novel number 232 was originally published on October 15, 1941

In the Caribbean country of Centralba, dictator Luis Castenago has seized power. Hiding behind a carefully constructed plan that time and time again shows him in a favorable light, Castenago has many of his people bluffed. Those who are not fooled by the illusion are taken into “protective custody.” Castenago has even hired a crew of gorillas from Miami under the leadership of Murk Wessel…

This was a great novel starring Kent Allard and Margo Lane! Yes!

The book is published as a double-reprint, including the original interior art! Almost all of the 300 plus adventures of the Shadow would always be five stars plus to me!

Quoth the Raven…

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