Oct. 13, 2018

Another blend of Holmes and science fiction worlds!

Sherlock Holmes in the World of HG Wells Volume Two

Edited by Derrick Belanger and C Edward Davis

Another blend of Holmes and science fiction worlds!

My thanks go out to Derrick Belanger for my copy of this book. I appreciate his continued faith in my reviews.

Taken as a whole, this volume is fabulous! Each author has blended Well’s worlds into the world of Holmes like an expert bartender. They are excellent Holmes stories while remaining also fitting for the Time Traveler, Dr. Moreau, the Invisible Man, etc.

Now, let’s move on to the stories:

“The Adventure of the Red Planet” by Steve Poling is perhaps more in the vein of Edgar Rice Burroughs’s vision of mars, but the story is very good…

“The Clash of the Miracle Men” by Rohit Sawant is based on the Wells story “The Man Who Could Work Miracles.” There is a neat twist in this story.

“The First Selenites on the Earth” Derek Nason reverses the plot of Wells’ “First Men in the Moon.” In this story, Professor Cavor brings Moon Men to the Earth.

“The Martian Spy Glass” by Jaap Boekestein deals with a crystal from a meteorite. A man uses it to view events on Mars. This is based on the story “The Crystal Egg.”

“The Adventures of the Bestial Excisions” by Benjamin Langley concerns Holmes and Watson landing on the island of a certain vivisectionist...

“The Adventure of the Disintegrated Man” by Michael T Wells has Holmes investigating ashes and an arm, which is all that is left of a man… I am not sure which story inspired this tale.

“Sherlock Holmes and the New Accelerator” by Mark Levy concerns an impossible theft happens under Holmes’ nose. This is based on Wells’ “The New Accelerator” from the pages of the Strand Magazine.

“A Trap to Catch the Sun” by Andrew Lane is a tale of grave robbery and unusual jewelry. Again, I am not certain of the source of inspiration.

“The Misplaced Mystery Writer” by Richard Paolinelli is based on “The Time Machine.” Wells has built the machine himself and already tested it. He has taken Edgar Allan Poe with him and lost him in time. Kudos for the explanation of Poe’s death and the long-lost identity of Jack the Ripper! Best in Book!

“The Beast Within” by Katie Magnusson concerns Silver, a wolf-like woman in a freak show. She is from the island of a certain vivisectionist…

“Dr. Watson and the Martians” by C. Edward Davis has Dr. Watson wandering a London decimated by the War of the Worlds…

“Dr. Watson’s Fragments: The Shape of Deductions to Come” has no given author. A certain blue box lands inside 221B. I got the mental picture of Tom Baker as the Doctor while reading this!

Derrick, you have a wonderful series going here. I would love to see more volumes! This book I give five stars!

Quoth the Raven…

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