Oct. 13, 2018

A bloodmoon is always an omen…

Bloodmoon: A Sister Fidelma Mystery

Peter Tremayne, author

I assume that those reading this review know the history of Fidelma of Cashel, once Sister Fidelma of Kildare. The mystery solving dàlaigh of the Irish court system is aided by Brother Eadulf of Seaxmund’s Ham, her husband.

The wife of the High King of Ireland is on a secret journey to an obscure abbey. Fidelma and Eadulf are themselves on a journey that will end at the same place.

Along the way, they are menaced and attacked by raiders using crossbows. A mysterious religious seems to always be in the background. He is at the first abbey they visit, he is on a warship when Fidelma is kidnapped and haunts the pair all through the adventure.

Murders and attacks fill the story until the final reveal.

I liked this story, but I don’t think it was Tremayne at his best. The story lacks a bit in continuity, and it drags at times. I give it three stars…

Quoth the Raven…

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