Oct. 13, 2018

Book three of the Bohemian Trilogy

Book of the Just

Dana Chamblee Carpenter

I assume that most people reading this are already acquainted with Mouse and her lineage. Introduced in The Bohemian Gospel, Mouse has powers inherited from her demonic father. Still, all she really wants is to live a peaceful, normal life.

This book picks up from the end of the second novel, The Devil’s Bible. In that book, Mouse battles with her father, who is not someone to cross lightly. Left for dead, Mouse has a long, slow recovery. Her father now intends to raise another to do his bidding—her brother, Luc…

Now, Mouse and her paramour Angelo D’Amato follow a series of clues that point the way to a powerful artifact. The Book of the Just could be the very thing they need to defeat her father. They are hampered and chased by the Novus Rishi, lead by a man known as The Reverend. Jack Gray, introduced in the previous volume, works on behalf of this religious cult…

It’s strange sometimes how things work out. I loved the first volume of this series and disliked the second. Now moving on to volume three, I was amazed at the drawing power of the prose.

From the beginning to the monumental climax this book entices the reader into continuing reading. Warning, you may find yourself fighting sleep in order to finish. I give the book four stars.

Quoth the Raven...

This book is not quite out as of yet