Nov. 29, 2018

The canonical stories are expanded and/or used as a jumping off point for these new tales of the Gre

Sherlock Holmes: Adventures beyond the Cannon Volume II edited by David Marcum

My thanks go out to Derrick Belanger for my copy of this book.

I am going to assume that readers of this volume will be already familiar with the Holmes canon. I am using the Holmes story abbreviations from this site.

Readers of Sherlock Holmes might often ask what happened after Holmes solved the case, or where Holmes might have crossed paths with a villain before the current case. That is the premise of this volume. Occasionally in the canon, the story seems incomplete. This could be because there is obviously so much more to the tales offer a glimpse behind the scenes. Sometimes a tale is explained, sometimes a crook is traced further, and sometimes it is a “how they met” story.

David Marcum returns with another exciting volume of great Sherlock Holmes stories. Readers of the MX series of New Sherlock Holmes adventures will find that many of the authors are familiar. Be sure not to skip the Holmes poem by Rosie Mower!

In accordance with the SPOILER WARNING on page 21, I will be more careful than usual with my detailed review. I will give little beyond what the reader will encounter on the first page of each adventure. And now, on to the stories!

  • “The Adventure of the Empty Cell” by Kevin P Thorton

This takes place after the events of EMPT as a follow-up.

  • “The Case of the Mysterious Horseman” by Roger Piccard

Holmes and Watson are reacquainted with Silver Blaze. An American lawyer is in England for horse breeding purposes. I found this one co-best in the book! Excellent!

  • “The Adventure of the Third Traitor” by Craig Janacek

This one features further hijinks involving stolen government documents as in SECO.

  • “A Frail Thread” by Jacquelynn Morris

This adventure continues GOLD. To be honest, I don’t think this one does anything for the original story…

  • “Mercy Unwilling to Trust” by Thomas Fortenberry

The title is a line from NAVA. The story is a continuation of the misadventures of Percy “Tadpole” Phelps. The character of Holmes seems off…

  • “the Captain in the Duke of Wellington’s Regiment” by Tim Symonds

This story continues the account of 3STU. To be honest, it doesn’t fit the original…

  • “The Fear of Retribution” by Craig Stephen Copeland

This story reintroduces a character from VALL. It would be a good story if it was couched as an original. As a sequel, not so much…

  • “The Case of the Stratford Poisoner” by Mark Mower

To even mention the original story would ruin a great reveal! Co-best in the book! Loved it!

  • “The Mysterious Client” by Derrick Belanger

Another message written in the “Dancing Man” code…

These stories disappointed me. They should follow the original canon, not try to rewrite some of them. I give the book only three stars…

Quoth the Raven…