Jan. 5, 2019

More hilarious Holmes!

Sherlock Holmes and the Mystery of the First Unicorn by Lida Svec and Joseph W Svec III

My thanks go out to Steve and Timi of MX Books for my copy of this book.

This story continues the mad-cap adventures from the Missing Authors trilogy. This time around, the magical creature is a unicorn, who is trying hard to be kind to everyone. His hijinks include stealing a pair of warm socks!

There is the case of the inventor who claims his invention just walked out of his lab to solve. A Scotsman is upset of his missing “lochs.” A woman seeks a lost journal. A mysterious secret society has esoteric tastes in knowledge gathering. Moreover, there is so much more!

This book is fun! Fans of the previous trilogy will be delighted; fans who are looking for more serious Holmes cases will not.

A real tongue-in-cheek romp of wit and hilarity! I give the book five stars!

Quoth the Raven…