Jan. 5, 2019

Holmes and Roswell are not compatable

Sherlock Holmes and the Roswell Incident by Michael Druce

My thanks go out to Steve and Timi at MX Books for my copy of this book

Roswell, New Mexico is a town and area shrouded in mystery. Debris discovered on a ranch were reported in the Sacramento Bee as the remains of a “flying disc.” The data was based on reports from Roswell Army Air Field.

Depending on whom you believe, this proved mistaken identity or was proven false, the debris from a “weather balloon.” Pictures appeared in the papers confirming the weather balloon angle, although some claimed this was only a cover-up.

In this book, a young woman named Jenny Winston went missing that fateful day. Holmes and Watson are trying to solve her disappearance. They find themselves swept up in the beginnings of the Cold War. The more misinformation or total lies told, the many times Holmes and Watson are attacked, and government interference, the more Holmes is determined to be successful.

The battle culminates at the Eiffel Tower, in a standoff comparable to Reichenbach Falls.

I was not overly fond of this one. It is more a case of trying to prove cover-up than a Holmes mystery. It is not all that bad, but as a story, you could entirely cut Holmes and Watson out, and the story would still stand.

I’ll be generous and give the story two stars. I wish authors did not add Holmes to stories as a means to selling the story. That is only my personal opinion.

Quoth the Raven…