Apr. 16, 2019

The latest story of Frey and McGray!

Loch of the Dead by Oscar de Muriel

The fourth novel in this exciting series!

My thanks to Katie and the others at Pegasus Books for my copy of this book…

Possible Spoilers, but not many.

The Past: Millie Fletcher was assaulted by Maximilian Koloman, and gave birth to his son, Benjamin. Maximilian died of what they preferred to call “a gentleman’s disease.” The family sent Benjamin away to live with a priest in Thurso, and gave Millie a position as a servant in their manor.

The Present: The manor is now occupied by Konrad Koloman, his wife, Minerva, and twin daughters Veronika and Natalja. There is a son, Dominik, who is traveling on business. The family wants to send for Benjamin, who will now inherit half of the Koloman fortune. But prior to his arrival, threatening notes are left at the manor. If Benjamin comes to claim his inheritance, someone promises to kill him.

Millie Fletcher comes to Inspector Ian Frey in search of Inspector “Nine-Nails” McGray. She desires his help and wants him to escort her son to Koloman Manor. McCray has gone to see his sister, Pansy. Miss Fletcher offers a bribe—she states she knows how to cure Pansy!

Our mismatched detectives gladly take the case and attempt to solve the death threats.  Frey heads to Loch Maree, while McGray heads to Thurso to escort Benjamin home. Dominik shows up there as well. Before they leave, the priest is brutally slain.

After arrival at Koloman Manor, Benjamin seems to be very welcome among the Kolomans. As he settles in, the family seems very welcoming, but a police officer is murdered in the woods, completely drained of blood…

The story is a treat to read! In true gothic fashion, there is a series of foggy islands in the loch, a reclusive family, a madman, and vampire bats! There are strange experiments going on in the manor, a musty library of esoteric knowledge, and a spring where the water cures madness!

The story twists and turns through the mysterious islands, through the many rooms of the manor, and ends in a dark cavern within Loch Maree. There is a beautiful twist ending, which I admit, I didn’t see coming!

The book gets five stars from me…

Quoth the Raven…