Apr. 24, 2019

Prejudice is a terrible thing…

Doctor Who The Good Doctor by Juno Dawson

Staring the 13th Doctor, Yasmin, Ryan, and Graham

The Doctor and company land on Lobos, where a civil war is raging. The native Loba are a canine race. The battle is to oust the colonizing humans and wipe out the Lopa/Human hybrids.

The Doctor brokers a peace treaty, and the two sides agree to co-inhabit the planet. With all hostilities ceased, the Doctor and her companions depart. But Graham forgets his cell phone…

Returning to the planet, the TARDIS arrives 600 years into the future. The planet is sadly changed.

Now the humans are ruling and the Loba are reduced to slavery. The government is a theocracy, the Church of the Good Doctor. Besides Loba, women are also counted as second-class citizens. The Good Doctor, it seems, is Graham…

Using a statement Graham made about dogs being man’s best friend, the Brotherhood of the Good Doctor has enslaved the Loba. The temple is a large replica of the TARDIS, with the word TORDOS written in white.

I liked this story, it sends a great message on prejudice and the use of religion to justify feelings of superiority. You could transpose several terms and it would be relevant to many problems the world faces today.

The players in this drama are presented as developed characters that draw the reader in. It is almost like you can smell and taste the action as it progresses! When the final reveal is produced, the reader can feel the tension in the air!

I give the book five stars!

Quoth the Raven…