Apr. 28, 2019

Starring the 13th Doctor, Yasmin, Ryan, and Graham

Doctor Who: Molten Heart by Una McCormack

A world inside a world…

Possible Spoilers

When the TARDIS lands on a small planet the Doctor and her companions find themselves in a huge cavern. This turns out not to be just a cave on the planet’s surface. It is the hollow center of the planet.

Shades of the Star Trek episode “For the World is Hollow and I have Touched the Sky” the inner world is inhabited. The people of this subterranean realm are formed from rock and crystal. The rivers and lakes here are lava. Crystal patches like wildflowers glow and provide light.

Now there are lights in the sky, or rather the upper mantle. Jets of boiling seawater cause mayhem. People touched by the steaming water usually do not survive.

One of the inhabitants has preached about aliens, the surface, and ways to combat the leeks, only to be heckled and persecuted. Now, his findings could save his people—if they will listen. How do you help people who don’t believe you?

I loved this book, very Star Trekky! In a world where up is down, water is fire and so on, the book brings the reader to a truly alien planet. Too often in sci-fi, the aliens are merely humans with a slight difference. This story is Doctor Who, where alien often means more than a forehead piece or skin tone.

The plot builds nicely and the characters draw the reader in. The reader will find as much to love about the aliens as with the Doctor and her companions. The twist in the story may be a bit expected, but not boring.

I give the book five stars!

Quoth the Raven…