Apr. 29, 2019

Insects are pests—especially if they are gigantic!

Staring the 12th Doctor and Clara Oswald

Possible Spoilers

The TARDIS lands in Wiltshire to investigate disturbances with the ley lines. Ringstone Village has a circle of standing stones carefully aligned with ley lines laid out to mark the summer solstice. Something is using the power of the ancient markings as a power source.

The village is surrounded by enormous spiderwebs. People who are in cannot leave. People wanting to get are having to walk across fields and risk attack by other huge insects. There are mosquitos, ants, a spider, and a great big bombardier beetle…

The insects are not attacking blindly; someone is in control. When the mosquitos bit it puts the bitten person into a zombie-like trance. Between the watchful insects and the zombified villagers, it is difficult for the Doctor to investigate a strange science park. It is a mystery which dates to WWII…

The story flows well, and the characters are well thought out. I don’t think there is a single unnecessary character. The solution is very Doctor Who! It would likely make a great TV episode!

I give the book five stars!

Quoth the Raven…