Apr. 29, 2019

On some unknown planet, the technology exists only in one city…

Doctor Who: Royal Blood by Una McCormack

Starring the 12th Doctor and Clara Oswald

Possible Spoilers

The TARDIS lands on a planet which is never named in the story. The Doctor and Clara walk down to a strange city.

Going by the costumes worn by the inhabitants, the planet is still in medieval times. Yet there are electric lights and the knights carry laser swords! There is something about the numerous gems that decorate the clothing and tapestries that has the Doctor perplexed.

The Doctor and Clara are mistaken for an ambassador that Duke Aurelian of Varuz is expecting. The planet is divided, and outside of the city, the lands are ruled by someone else.

Then the knights of Lancelot arrive on a quest for the Holy Grail!

I liked the storyline and the characters were developed well. Except for one guy, Lord Bernhardt. I am not quite sure what to make of him. There are chapters that jump into first-person accounts by Bernhardt. I’m far from sure that they add anything to the story. It probably wouldn’t harm the storyline to skip Bernhardt’s first-person accounts.  Just saying.

I give the book three stars. Una McCormick—not your best work, I have read another Doctor Who story you wrote, and this one doesn’t match the other one. IMHO

Quoth the Raven…