May. 29, 2019

Two more novel-length stories by Walter Gibson writing as “Maxwell Grant”

Shadow Double Novels #131 by Maxwell Grant

I am going to assume that most people likely to read this are fans of the Shadow. But just in case, the Shadow was a radio and pulp magazine hero, known as “The Master of Darkness.”

The radio Shadow was named as Lamont Cranston, but the Shadow of the pulps used the real Lamont Cranston’s identity when the globe-trotting Cranston was not in New York. It is only one of many disguises the man known as the Shadow uses.

The Shadow fights crime at street level, backed up by a small band of agents. If the crime lords plot wickedness, the Shadow knows!

Now, on to the stories:

Possible spoilers, but I’ll be careful.   

Vanished Treasure was originally published on October 15, 1938.

When old Titus Beld died, his heirs believed they were to split at least a half million. However, as it turns out there was only $50,000—to be split five ways.

Marcus Beld was counting on the money because he was in debt to a crime boss for $30,000. However, his cousin Hugh Clymer took his money and bought Titus Belden’s house, claiming it contains a hidden treasure. Now the crooks hope to get their money by waiting for Clay to find the hidden treasure and dig it up for them—and taking it from him!

Isle of Gold was originally published on August 1, 1939.

Roy Orwin and his partner Sidney Bane are searching for a treasure on Spyglass Island in Casco Bay. Yet the named Spyglass Island isn’t the same one on the old maps. Roy knows the secret of the real Spyglass Isle.

Danger is everywhere, from a half-mad hermit on the other end of the island to smugglers offshore! The criminals do not know that Roy and Sidney have backup—the Shadow knows!

Two stories with two hidden treasures, the stories are exciting reading! I give the book five stars…

Quoth the Raven…

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