May. 29, 2019

A mysterious box! Getways for sale!

Shadow Double Novels #59 by Maxwell Grant

Two more novel-length stories by Walter Gibson writing as “Maxwell Grant”

I am going to assume that most people likely to read this are fans of the Shadow. But just in case, the Shadow was a radio and pulp magazine hero, known as “The Master of Darkness.”

The radio Shadow was named as Lamont Cranston, but the Shadow of the pulps used the real Lamont Cranston’s identity when the globe-trotting Cranston was not in New York. It is only one of many disguises the man known as the Shadow uses.

The Shadow fights crime at street level, backed up by a small band of agents. If the crime lords plot wickedness, the Shadow knows!

Now, on to the stories:

Possible spoilers, but I’ll be careful.   

The Green Box was originally published on March 15, 1934.

Slade Farrow is a man who believes that criminals who wish to change their ways should have a second chance. While in prison, Farrow befriends Ferris Legrand. When Legrand is dying, he tells Farrow of a mysterious green box hidden in the small city of Southfield. The town is controlled by men who own everything. Even the police are being supplanted by an army of vigilantes under one of the rich men’s toadies.

If the box contains what old Ferris Legrand says, it could be of significant value in bringing down corruption in Southfield…

This story introduces characters that will join the Shadow as agents. Some will be used sparingly; others will be in many adventures!

The Getaway Ring was originally published on February 1, 1940.

Crooks plan crimes that feature getaways, getaways they have paid big money for. A gang sells getaways timed to the last second, with every escape route detailed to even mileage. Even in the crime goes wrong or fails completely, if you can pay the fee your getaway is assured. Does crime pay when you pay for a getaway?

Everything from decoys to lead police astray to ferries to little-used roads is carefully planned out. But fooling the police and fooling the Shadow are two widely different things…

I give this book five stars!

 Quoth the Raven…

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