Jun. 24, 2019

The 10th novel in the exciting Spider Pulp series!

The Spider #10 Corpse Cargo by Norvell Page writing as Grant Stockbridge

The Spider is Richard Wentworth, a wealthy criminologist. Backed up by his manservant Ram Singh, his old war pal Jackson, and his fiancé Nita van Slone, Wentworth takes on crime at the street level.

The Spider has no scruples about killing. The criminals who cross the Spider die and their foreheads are marked with a scarlet spider.

The Spider is wanted by the police, and his friend Commissioner Kirkpatrick suspects Wentworth. Hardly surprising, as everyone seems to know the Spider’s secret. Proving it is another thing entirely…

The Corpse Cargo

Pirates are at work, on land instead of by sea. Entire trains are struck by artificial green chain lightning. No one survives, the lightning strikes several times to make sure. The crooks then board and rob passengers and cargo, blasting the train afterward with a final burst of green flame! The lightning is the invention of Jonas Curley, and the life of his family is threatened.

Their leader is the enigmatic woman calling herself Captain Kidd. She plans well enough to stymie the Spider and capture him! Nina’s life hangs in the balance, also plaguing the Spider.

The story is fast paced, and the villain well developed. The final reveal was handled nicely, with a twist that the reader may not see coming. Altogether a satisfying read!

I give the story five stars…

Quoth the Raven…

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