May. 4, 2020

The Spider #21 Hordes of the Red Butcher by Norvell Page as Grant Stockbridge

The Spider is Richard Wentworth, a wealthy criminologist. Backed up by his manservant Ram Singh, his old war pal Jackson, and his fiancé Nita van Slone, Wentworth takes on crime at the street level.

The Spider has no scruples about killing. The criminals who cross the Spider die and their foreheads are marked with a scarlet spider.

The Spider is wanted by the police, and his friend Commissioner Kirkpatrick suspects Wentworth. Hardly surprising, as the Spider’s identity is pulpdom’s worst kept secret. Almost every issue has the bad guys using Nita against the Spider, well aware that Wentworth and the Spider are the same person.

Proving it is another thing altogether…

An attack on a train in Kentucky is Wentworth’s introduction to the inhuman monsters the latest mastermind has released on the civilized world. Hulking Neanderthals, a primitive ancestor of modern man, they were powerful beyond belief and driven only by the most basic passions.

Somehow they are being controlled enough to keep them from attacking the very men who are using them as weapons of mass destruction. But released on a town they are nigh unstoppable and difficult to kill!

This story is fairly good. If you accept the premise of the survival of a tribe of Neanderthals, the rest doesn’t seem so farfetched. I give it four out of five stars.

I love the readability of these new editions. Excellent!

Quoth the Raven…