Jul. 16, 2020

America’s Undercover Ace in new paperback form!

Operator 5 #3 The Yellow Scourge by Fredrick C Douglas writing as Curtis Steele

First appearing in 1934, Operator 5 was Jimmy Christopher, a young member of the Secret Service often known as the most valuable agent in the United States. Christopher is strangely known to be Operator 5, yet maintains a secret identity as Carlton Victor, photographer to the rich and famous. The character is complete with a studio, an apartment, and even a butler named Crowe!

Recurring characters include Operator 5’s dad, former agent John Christopher, his twin sister Nan, sidekick kid Tim Donavan, Nan’s boyfriend Nick, Jimmy’s girlfriend Diane Elliot, his boss Z-7 and others.

Most of the stories involve the United States being attacked on the home front by various foreign armies, sometimes with devastating results.

The Yellow Scourge was published in June 1934

During a joint naval maneuver, a Yellow Empire ship was sunk by airplanes with American markings. A special submarine is stolen and being used by the Yellow Empire, who are declaring war on the US again. The stolen submarine is cutting-edge, able to be used as a submersible aircraft carrier!

Lovely and deadly foreign spy Kara Vizna is in charge of many of the operations of this invasion. A master of disguise, Visna could be anyone. She could even be Diane Elliot, the girl introduced as Operator 5’s love interest!

The story is good, but not great. It will keep your attention, but it is doubtful that it will thrill you. That’s possibly because we just went from a menace in the air in the last book to a menace in the water in this one, and not much else.

I’ll give it three stars.

Quoth the Raven…