Apr. 15, 2021

Bronze Pastiches by Dale Harris

#0 The Nexus of All Realities (Doc Savage and the Man-Thing) This one has to come first. Use of the Nexus allows all the other adventures to take place: Theoretically... 

#1 Kidnapped to Mongo (Doc Savage and Flash Gordon)

#2 From Beyond the Grave (Doc Savage and The Crow)

#3 Rock, Paper, Scissors (Doc Savage Helps Edward Scissorhands)

#4 Mad as A Hatter ( Doc Savage’s Trip to Wonderland)

#5 The Black Peril (Doc Savage and Captain Jack Sparrow)

#6 Dredd Justice (Doc Savage and Judge Dredd)

#7 One Tin Soldier (Doc Savage Aids Billy Jack)

#8 The Lion Man (Doc Savage and Vincent of Beauty and the Beast)

#9 The Shadow Walker (DocSavage’s Trip to Amber with Prince Corwin)

#10 Great Northern Railway (The Doc Savage of an Alternate Steampunk World)

#11 Rocky Roads (Doc Savage and Rocky Balboa)

#12 The Vampirella Vendetta (Doc Savage and Vampirella)